If you've been waiting for a REAL teacher who has done the work (no more weekend warrior "shamans," please), then RAINBOW MEDICINA has been calling out for you...

Discover one crucial piece missing from many modern spiritual practices, as well as a simple shift to begin filling the holes in your practice. Just watch the video below or read this page to see how to begin!





I’ve been blessed in my experience with spiritual teachers (for the most part), but many of my students come to me having had a very different experience.

The guidance they’re receiving is falling so far short, that they end up feeling ungrounded, disillusioned by teachers and even the spiritual community as a whole, and at the very least feeling that there is something MISSING from what they’re being taught. Like eating black beans that have no flavor, it’s like an essential ingredient has been left out. 

If you’re anything like the folks who finally find me, most of the practices you’re being taught have been divorced from their origins, and are not able to deliver on the promises they make.  

Because certifications do not guarantee a sound or safe spiritual practice. Certifications cannot guarantee a path of healing. 

There are ways that people can become “shamans” in just 6 weeks time online (“sign up now! No interview required!”), or even be trained as certified “energy healers” in a single weekend. 

Is that really who you wanna turn to when you’re struggling just to be human no matter how many mindfulness meditations you do in a row?

Starseed or otherwise, if you want to avoid reincarnating to learn the SAME LESSONS, and would rather FULLY MANIFEST YOUR PURPOSE IN THIS LIFETIME, you probably have a sense that most of the spirituality being peddled online is not going to cut it.  

Before I share my take on the crucial pieces that are missing, and how you can begin changing this in your own spiritual journey starting today, I want to introduce myself…

Marita, One Who Catches Lightnin

***When you take classes from BIPOC individuals you are helping pay reparations and heal the wound of appropriation and living indigenous voices.***

I'm Marita, One who Catches Lightning


I have been on a spiritual path for the past 40+ years.

My lineage is Mexican Zapoteca and Olmeca, Safardic Jewish via Spain, French, and Afro-Cuban. I grew up within the Ecumenical Charismatic Movement (worth a google search), which included practices from both Christian and Jewish Mysticism, being taught healing with energy, psychic perception including clairvoyance and clairaudience, preaching and leadership, and daily devotional practices to spirit.

My metaphysical and spiritual training includes work in the Lakota, Mayan, Aztec, Hopi, Apache, and Curanderismo traditions, as well as many more "new age" practices.

My students tell me that when they find me they’re relieved to have found a “real teacher,” someone who has integrity, and I’m very lucky to have had the teachers in my own life that have helped me to become that practitioner.

I am still, and will always be on a path of learning, and perhaps that is what has set me up to see and want to do something about the widespread use of spiritual practices in ways that are not only ineffective, but sometimes harmful.

I walk in ceremony, which is to say that I live these practices every day, and they saturate how I do even the most basic pieces of my life. Just to be clear, I’m still a human, making mistakes and doing my best, but I am dedicated to this path, and I will be until the day I leave this vessel. I have also been trained my whole life as a spiritual warrior. I cannot help but see things that others may not second guess, including the risks and dangers associated with empty spiritualism, and it’s another reason why I’ve been guided to teach this class.

Let me tell you a bit more…

Why Now?

Even before receiving a serious push from my guides and teachers, I’d been witnessing what has been happening. People awakening, and capitalism and profit driven models rushing to say they will fill the need for spiritual teachings, but not actually being capable of doing so. 

When I look around at the spiritual offerings online, and see people like you seeking genuine guidance that will sustain and support you, what I noticed is that it’s not easy to sort through the static, especially as even more people have moved their spiritual work online in this past year.

I have witnessed (and held) how this not only affects all of you as individuals, but results in teachers that don’t realize that what they are teaching is missing rootedness and groundedness. And those teachers teach, and it self-perpetuates. 

I am here to teach the missing pieces, but also help to spread the message about why these pieces matter so much, especially to folks who may not have had the depth and breadth of indigenous teachings that I’ve been lucky to experience.

The truth is, this class just like all of my classes was divinely guided (although it sometimes drives my team crazy that I don’t follow traditional schedules and launch methods).

I was told that it is essential for me to teach this class now, exactly because so many people are waking up, and if you are one of them, I want you to be a part of the wave of people that help us wake up collectively as a species. 

Rainbow hand


How do you know what is missing from your practice, if you yourself are just waking up? Seeking a new path? Unsure of the piece that is absent?

I created this 7 week class to teach you the FOUNDATIONS and roots that are missing from so many modern practices, so that your work will HOLD you, so that your alliances will HOLD you. 

  • Learn how ancient warriors, teachers, & healers used the rainbow in their everyday lives for protection, clearing and living in harmony. These teaching are based on over 400 yr old traditions which have been handed down generation after generation after generation.
  • Light and color, as well as rainbows, are languages that cross time, space, cultures, worlds, and even dimensions. These fundamentals are so crucial because they also teach you a blueprint of relationship that transcends the boxed in, simplified, “memed” version of understanding our world, truths, and ourselves. 
  • All of these teachings will be offered through the lens of spiritual warriorhood, as a way to support you in learning discernment (and self-trust), boundaries that honor you and others, and a realistic view of how to assess the teachers and healers you go to for assistance. 

If I could have you walk away with ONE THING TODAY:

The very first thing that I want you to know, the simple thing for you to understand TODAY about spiritual practices, and why so many fall short of what they promise, is that ALL PRACTICES ARE BASED IN RELATIONSHIP

The length, the depth, the quality of the relationship ALL MATTER. 

Learning a practice that doesn’t include building a relationship to the origins of that practice MATTERS. 

Learning a practice that doesn’t include building a relationship to the earth and the elements (as the root of our physical experience) MATTERS. 

This is the first and most important thing I recommend doing IMMEDIATELY to shift your spiritual practice.

Look at the RELATIONSHIPS involved, at their quality, at their depth, at their length, and NURTURE & DEVELOP THEM. Just as you would develop a relationship with another person. And those relationships will in turn carry you at a whole different level.  

It sounds simple, but difference this will make in your practices is PROFOUND.


And now that we are talking about relationships…

When you are taught, healed, or guided by any spiritual practitioner, you are walking into the work with the support of the depth of the relationships of the person who is training you.

Do you want a teacher who has been actively building their spiritual relationships for 40+ years? Or someone who discovered they are an intuitive, and the next week was selling sessions from their new website? 

When you’re in my classes, you can FEEL the difference of what it’s like to have a teacher who is grounding spiritual work in the way I’m describing. People come to me knowing their lives are going to change, and STILL being astounded by how deep and quick and profound that change is, even people who are not new to these ways. 

Rainbow Warrior ONLINE Training Intensive - Level 1:

All the nitty gritty details

In this training (Level 1), each week we’ll develop our relationship with the colors of the rainbow, taught from the lens of the spiritual warrior. These practices will teach you a foundation that you will be able to build a lifetime of spiritual practices on. 

This type of work is especially essential for starseeds, because it weaves together and creates a bridge between the heavens and galactic energy, and the earth and embodied experience. 

We’ll work with the history of each color, what it represents, and see what individual stories everyone has. 

We will work to understand how to develop your alliances, and your relationships with color, light, and the rainbow as a whole. 

  • This is the first step in the study of rainbow medicine for personal use.
  • 3 HOURS classes via THINKIFIC. LIVE Q&A will be available as well

Here are some things you can expect to learn in our 7 weeks together:


Rainbow and History

Introduction to who, how when and where this medicina has been practiced.


Rainbow and Alliances

Everything is about relationships, learn from the alliances you need to cultivate to have a relationship with rainbow.


Rainbow and the colors

Moving beyond the colors and finding the blocks you have to certain stories, colors, karma.


Rainbow Practices

Grounding, integration and clearing practices.


Finding home

Journey on the rainbow bridge connecting all the dimensions of time and space.

Galactic Starseed


"I'm happier and more outspoken"

"I've taken various intensives with Marita and the growth that has come from each one of them has been phenomenal. But it doesn't stop there. The things I've learned have shown up in my everyday life too. Consequently I'm happier, I'm more outspoken, and I have healed some ancestral wounds that have helped my body feel better too. Working with Marita is like having a guide who is also your friend. They carefully consider what is right for each person and teaches integrity and respect for the natural world while also helping you learn to prioritize your needs and how to love yourself. I can't recommend working with Marita highly enough." - Jennifer Ryan

"Their connection to spirit is clear and sharp!"

"I’ve been working with Marita the last few months. And they have been amazing. As a Healer myself I am really mindful who I work with. They go straight to the core and really listen to you and what you are needing to journey through what is coming up. Their connection to spirit is clear and sharp! And the information they receive just floors me sometimes. It’s helped me become clearer, connect to my intuition and abilities with more trust and insight. But also the healing one receives is amazing. The clarity I have received and changes in my life have greatly assisted me and brought healing to my life. I am so grateful!" -Maritza Moreno

"Deeply spirited, highly connected, beautiful ball of light"

"For anyone looking for guidance through their self discovering journey this is your woman! She is a deeply spirited, highly connected, beautiful ball of light just waiting to help you along your path. She tells it like it is, and expresses her true self in every word she speaks! Highly recommended for anyone looking for guidance along their spiritual journey." - Michelle Trawick



Class only payment plan options:

Why is this the investment?

I priced this intensive based on what I was told to do by my guides and teachers. When spirit advises me, I listen, as it is part of how I respect the alliances and relationships that are supporting me in this work, which in turn support all of my students. It is also priced to honor the way cultures and communities used to value and have reverence for this work, because this work will literally help to carry you for the rest of your life. Traditionally, I wouldn't even have to ask for money, because you would know that you were responsible for supporting the livelihood of the healer, shaman, or medicine person in your community (goats, clothes, food, shelter, the whole shebang - ha ha). But I am not living in those times and places, so this pricing is also respective of the ways we now need to support ourselves. I myself have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in the study of this path.

Here's what you do next:

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  • In that form, enter your regular details
  • Submit your details, and you will be ready to begin learning the practices of Rainbow Warrior Medicina!
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Class only payment plan options:

MOTHER earth calls us...

  • To connect to the heartbeat of mother earth and become good stewards of the land
  • To embrace our need for relationship and to walk in balance

OUR ancestors calls us...

  • To move from western ideas of linear time and life and death
  • To find a new flow and rhythm with which to live by one more in tune with nature
  • To remember the old way of of living in balance and how they can help us fulfill our destiny

THE RAINBOW calls us...

  • To live and walk a life of ceremony
  • To regard all things as sacred
  • To spread her message and medicina to the world