Mystery [mis-tuh-ree, -tree]:

1. anything that is kept secret or remains unexplained or unknown: the mysteries of nature.

2. any truth that is unknowable except by divine revelation.

School [skool]:

1. an institution for instruction in a particular skill or field.

2. a source of knowledge

Are you tired of ungrounded spirituality?

  • If you KNOW in your gut that chasing fads and instant spiritual "fixes" is not going to bring you real healing (please, no more fast food spirituality!)...
  • If you ache for a community you aren't sure even exists, and connection to ancestral traditions...
  • If you are exhausted by spiritual righteousness, dogma, and fundamentalism, and the disconnection it creates...
  • If you are SO DONE with "festival shamanism" (need I say more)...
  • If you've been taught that power and abuse go hand in hand, and are unsure how to embrace your own power without becoming what you've worked so hard to avoid ("I'll never be like my mother")...
  • If you are a STARSEED that is having problems being HUMAN...


  • You DESIRE transformative spiritual practices that are grounded in the truth of what change takes...
  • You DESIRE guidance to weave together your modern being with the wisdom of many ancestors...
  • You DESIRE a space to come to a knowing and intimate connection with spirit beyond any fundamentalist teachings...
  • You DESIRE a teacher who has spent their entire life preparing for this work, and who embraces their own diverse identities despite the colonization of shamanic practices...
  • You DESIRE to see, feel, and know how love and self-love redefine what true power is...
  • You DESIRE connection to ceremony, and your body as a part of mother earth and her elements...
  • You DESIRE help to be human, to forget programming, and re-learn why you are here in this form at this time...

I am Marita Esteva, One Who Catches Lightning

I felt called to create this NOW because it is time to return to the earth and help restore balance

Being out of balance with earth, so many right now are out of balance with themselves, because we ARE earth

For a long time I used to give up parts of myself to keep the peace in my family, then with my partners, then to be seen as "stable" by people who didn't understand my gifts. I always knew I DIDN'T WANT THE MAINSTREAM DREAM OF "NORMAL", but there was a part of me that was always trying to BE that. The cost of that dream was too high for me: it almost took my life on more than one occassion. 

I could have chosen to keep avoiding my truth, to forget, and live in hiding from myself and the world, but THERE IS SOMETHING INSIDE OF ME THAT IS GREATER THAN MY FEARS. Hiding creates it's own suffering, and if I had decided to hide, as many do, I would not have had to look far to find something to numb me. 

I had to make a choice whether to live and find the support that I needed to get back to myself, or die living someone else's lie. I CHOSE ME. 

I'm not going to candy coat this, it did cost me: friends, family, jobs, and of course the occassional goat as a gift to my teachers (kidding, $$$ and time mostly). 

But I decided I was worth it, and making that choice has allowed me to find community I didn't even know existed, who embrace all the parts of me. It has allowed me to find a partnership where I'M LOVED FOR MYSELF, a job that allows me to be me, and celebrates it, and new teachers who I feel are my kin in a way I've never experienced before, and who I will continue to walk with until one of our journeys in these bodies ends

All of this has given me the energy, inner peace, and resources to walk with even more love and discipline on my own path, and ultimately contribute more to this world. The best way I can describe it is saying that IT FEELS LIKE I CAN FINALLY BREATHE, for the first time in my life

My soul signed up for this a long time ago. 

This is what I was chosen for and what I've been trained to do SINCE I WAS BORN. Creating this school I am fulfilling my purpose, like I'm an instrument who is being finely tuned and creating music instead of sitting silent in a corner, and it brings my soul JOY to feel that I'm being expressed and helping. 

In a way I kept trying to create this school without calling it what it was, I kept feeling that I was fighting myself, and the traditions that I've been trained in. When the idea of a Mystery School came up during an intensive brainstorm session, it was SO CLEAR that this was the right container to hold everything, like a lightning strike

I LOVE TEACHING, and I have a gift for it, I always have. But I didn't know how to create the bridge between cultures and ideologies until now.  

We live in a culture of covering unpleasant experiences up by consuming more. In this culture we never have enough and we're never good enough. 

IT'S TIME TO EMBRACE WHO WE ARE, WHERE WE ARE, AT THIS TIME ON THE PLANET. It's time for real change, and to have real change we need new tools, and also old tools, together in new ways. 

Which is why, I have created (with all the support of the teachers and ancestors that came before me) THE PATH OF IX MYSTERY SCHOOL, and I am here to help you return to yourself. 

-with love, Marita, One Who Catches Lightning ⚡



Are you a healer, looking for a space where you yourself can be healed and nurtured? To learn new practices in a space where your boundaries are honored and strengthened?

Luna - Spiritual healer & teacher : Sacred Woman Medicine


Are you a seeker, a wanderer, a lover of life and cultures? Do you want to learn how to weave multiple traditions together while understanding how to honor and pay respect to those traditions? 

Antonio, Yoga teacher, Spiritual Seeker - Credito de photo - Pedro Heitor


Are you a working professional looking for a space for your spiritual side to exist in community? Who longs to learn ways to integrate your magic into your "9-5"? 

Tonya - High end food & beverage professional 

THE JOURNEY - What it Includes


The Jaguar Tree 

***The Jaguar Tree is the FOUNDATIONAL first stage in the Path of IX Mystery School. 

***Every journey needs a stepping off point. If you are seeking the first step that will begin a new chapter of growth, integration, healing, and groundedness, then the Jaguar Tree is for you. 

***This 6-12 month journey is the perfect foundation to learn integrated, grounded spiritual practices, and to receive healing and transformation directly with Marita, One Who Catches Lightning. 

***The dates for this program will be from SPRING EQUINOX 2020- FALL EQUINOX 2020, FALL EQUINOX 2020- SPRING EQUINOX 2021; and with a multi-step application process prior to the start date (more info on this below). 

***Whether you decide to continue walking with The Path of IX, this first 6 months or the whole year it will give you tools to carry with you for the rest of your life. 

***Get ready to be cleared from cultural conditioning, colonialism, to connect to the elements, and to understand the ways of life as ritual.

This Journey Includes (all remote via zoom, phone, or email): 

  • One-on-one healing, teaching/coaching, and check-ins
  • Journaling prompts for shared and solo time
  • Guided meditation, journeys, and healing work
  • Group opening, midway, and closing ceremonies on Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice (northern hemisphere), Fall Equinox, Winter Solstice (northern hemisphere)
  • Primer on Mayan Cosmology, including individual chart reading, and private integration ceremony
  • Support developing your own Jaguar Tree, a tool for healing the root causes of suffering and fear
  • How to practice spiritual boundaries (grounding, clearing, protections)
  • Introduction to the Medicine Wheel, directions, seasons, and elements
  • Introduction to working with crystals and other spiritual tools
  • Introduction to working with plant medicines (primarily non-psychoactive) & animal totems
  • Original developed techniques integrated with traditionally trained practices from multiple lineages (indigenous and otherwise)
  • Ancestral healing work
  • Inner child work
  • Mayan and Quero rebirth class
  • Lightning Initiation Ceremony - Rite of Passage: remote ceremony for 7 days, remote activation, email check ins, personalized drum journey, one-on-one 60 minute session to close 


What I'm supposed to tell you here is how you can expect to transform, exactly what concrete results you can expect.

But instead I want you to know that what you put into this program is what you will get out

Can I guarantee you that you will be satisfied? No, I can't. I will commit my 40+ years of experience into supporting you and teaching you, and when you ask for help, I will help. But I respect your sovereignty, which means that I know I do not have control over your experience. 

By telling you what will happen for you, I actually feel I am disempowering you, and playing into capitalist colonized views that say "before I commit to something I want to know exactly what I'll get out of it, and how I will feel at the end." 

This is a MEDICINE PATH, not a Starbucks. 

But I can tell you what this has done for me:

  • Developed a sense of BELONGING IN COMMUNITY with others who are also dedicated to spiritual growth & transformation
  • Connection to traditional practices from MULTIPLE LINEAGES (indigenous and esoteric wisdom)
  • Practices of ANCIENT RHYTHMS of being & doing
  • Coming HOME TO MYSELF, a home within that stands up to external tests, demands, & stressors
  • Practical ways to INTEGRATE spirituality & ritual throughout my everyday life 
  • Brought me back DOWN TO EARTH, grounded me, given me internal stability
  • Connected me to my BODY experiences & feelings (instead of being stuck in my head and disconnected from my body)
  • Allowed me to EMBRACE my human experience, to have the limitations, creativity, and miracles that come with living in this body
  • Knowing that being myself is enough, it's not about becoming anything else or anyone else, just becoming more FULLY ME
  • Making my own decisions and knowing they come from MY TRUTH not someone else's
  • Deeper knowing about what belongs to ME and what doesn't in any relationship, experience, or interaction
  • HEALING ancestral wounds and breaking family patterns
  • Having healthy boundaries while still having access to my medicine/gifts (in actuality, having MORE ACCESS TO MY GIFTS)
  • WHOLENESS, and ability to stop taking so much responsibility for/control over others (which has felt like a weight lifted off of me)

P.S. Nothing against Starbucks. I enjoyed working there. :)  


The first step is to fill out a written application. All applications will be replied to, so if you are feeling a spark of excitement inside of you (or possibly a little fear?), we encourage you to apply!  

This is your chance to heed the call inside of you. While it's true that not every applicant will be selected, NOTHING will happen without you taking a first, courageous step in the direction of your intuition...even if you are unsure, the process of applying may provide you with gifts of awareness and self-confidence.

And remember, while this group will be limited to 13 participants, there will be future opportunities to participate in this Mystery School, as well as other Path of IX offerings, so submitting your interest now is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED



The Path of IX Mystery School invites everyone to apply, but only some will be invited to participate. Due to the nature of this work, the importance of having a supportive container, and in order to have a balanced group of students, there will be a multi-step application process, with a MAXIMUM of 13 students invited


Nope! While it may sound unfamiliar in this day and age of "click and pay", it is common within the indigenous traditions that Marita has been trained in to have an extensive "courting" period (which can be years) to be accepted as a student. Under those traditions, it is not uncommon for a student to be expected to ask repeatedly, be denied repeatedly, and to be persistent in their approaches, including gifts, money, and traveling distances without the promise of being taught. Thankfully for you, Marita does not expect this extensive process, but she will be extremely thoughtful in who she invites into this Mystery School


What this means is that every step of the Path of IX Mystery School is created with intention. While it may not always be obvious, every step involves ceremony, ritual, the support of guides and energies. Even creating this very Leadpage was done with ceremony, including prayer, medicinal cacao, the ritual use of copal, and setting of intentions. This is NOT a sales gimmick to create desire. This is the way that Marita practices spiritual integrity. 


Every single part of this experience is created with the intention to support your healing and growth. Every step of this process is in service of your ability to have healthy boundaries, to stand in your integrity, and to boldly step forward and ask for what you want and need. This process is in support of you SLOWING DOWN and truly deciding, "I want this, and I am committed to transformation." This selection process will help to create a space and community that will best support YOUR TRANSFORMATION. 


Maritza Moreno

"I’ve been working with Marita the last few months. And she has been amazing. As a Healer myself I am really mindful who I work with. She goes straight to the core and really listens to you and what you are needing to journey through what is coming up. Her connection to spirit is clear and sharp! And the information she receives just floors me sometimes. It’s helped me become clearer, connect to my intuition and abilities with more trust and insight. But also the healing one receives is amazing. The clarity I have received and changes in my life have greatly assisted me and brought healing to my life. I am so grateful!"

Michelle Tarawick

For anyone looking for guidance through their self discovering journey this is your woman! She is a deeply spirited, highly connected, beautiful ball of light just waiting to help you along your path. She tells it like it is, and expresses her true self in every word she speaks! Highly recommended for anyone looking for guidance along their spiritual journey

Rissa Issa Marissa

Marita is very cool, calm, collected and straight to the point! She has an innate gift of collective connection and willingness to share it for the highest good. I experienced a clearing from her that I told many people about and will continue to share my experiences. Her gift is not one to be locked up, she IS the real deal, from past lives & spirit guides to energy regarding physical, emotional and spiritual and inner child. I would recommend her every time! Thank YOU for your service!


I want you to imagine, to REMEMBER what it feels like when you take a risk without absolute certainty, you take action, you take a leap, and even through the first step you can feel yourself transforming...

It's not about what you know or don't know, it's about who you're ready to be. Join us on the Path of IX, the path of radical self-love, the path to yourself.