So, what now???

We are faced with this question daily

Yet we are facing it more fully right now…

What can we be, do, or choose to step more fully into alignment with our path, our life’s work, and our intention, to bring about the world we desire to live in...

To bring about the relationships, family, fulfillment, or sense of embodiment we’ve been craving... 

Never before have we been forced to look inward on such a global scale.

What if NOW is the exact perfect time to rebirth ourselves into a new paradigm

"This LIFE, this world has suffering.

It was never meant to be EASY.

Regardless, we can choose to live a life of EASE"

- Marita, One Who Catches Lightning

YOU ARE READY TO UNEARTH your deepest desires!!

  • You DESIRE guidance to weave together your dreams and learn new practices to help support make them a reality...
  • You DESIRE help to be human, to forget programming, and re-learn why you are here in this form at this time...
  • You DESIRE a space to come to a knowing and intimate connection with spirit and guides who can support you reach your highest potential...
  • You DESIRE a teacher who has spent their entire life preparing for this work, and who embraces their own desires, conflicts and truths ...

I'm Marita, One Who Catches Lightning

My lineage is Mexican Zapoteca and Olmeca, Safardic Jewish via Spain, French, and Afro-Cuban. I grew up within the Ecumenical Charismatic Movement (worth a google search), which included practices from both Christian and Jewish Mysticism, being taught healing with energy, psychic perception including clairvoyance and clairaudience, preaching and leadership, and daily devotional practices to spirit.

My metaphysical and spiritual training includes work in the Lakota, Mayan, Aztec, Hopi, Apache, and Curanderismo traditions. I have training and experience working with Ascended Masters, past life regression, clearing and working with energy centers in the body, ancestral healing, working with crystals and plant medicines, mediumship, clearing and protection of places/spaces, spiritual contracts, inner child work, and working with various decks of oracle cards.

I have worked with individuals and groups, held collaborative workshops, created recurring facebook lives watched by thousands of people, and moved and touched countless others in my work and through my travels.  

My path has also led me through physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, bullying, racism, immigration and loss of belonging, serious injuries and multiple surgeries, eating disorders, substance use disorders, panic attacks, depression, rejection because of my gender and sexual identity, oppression, suicide attempts, divorce, heartbreak, feelings of never being enough, and significant death and loss of loved ones.  

Today I am in an incredibly POWERFUL and CLEAR place, walking with my shadow beside me, with the intimacy and inner sense of calm that I have always longed for.  


4 Weeks to seed a NEW reality...

What it includes

WEEK 1 : Coming Out from the Dark

Many seeds germinate in the dark. Do you know how to harness the transformative power of silence and darkness? Do you know how to emerge and grow in a new way? (Full Moon, Spider Medicine)

Week 2: Alignment & Integration

Learning to connect and integrate the different aspects of ourselves (our mind, body, and soul) in service to achieving our desires. (Last Quarter Moon, Jaguar Medicine)

Week 3 : Purpose & Path

Deepen & clarify your connection to your integrated purpose. Learn how to create a path that is in tune with the natural rhythms of earth, by connecting to the sacredness of the moment. (Dark Moon, Corn Maiden Medicine)

Week 4 : Planting the Seeds

Synthesis of all the new practices you have learned, to be successful on your journey (First Quarter Moon, Snake Medicine)

CLASSES ARE 90 Min each, and will follow the MOON CYCLE in JUNE


FRIDAY June 12th: Last Quarter Moon


SATURDAY June 27th : First Quarter Moon

*Money will go to create permaculture garden to Raise Food and seeds for community donation and to restore native plant species in the Kau district on the Big Island of Hawaii.


What you put into this program you will get out of it.

Some seeds that you plant take a while to fully reach their potential, but you must continue planting no matter the result, no matter the season, no matter the soil, in order to transform.

With each step you take closer to your own truth, and to understanding the natural rhythms of our world, you will find that it becomes easier to identify your desires, and act using the power of those rhythms for more EASE.

As the different aspects of self integrate, many experience more peace, more clarity, more purpose, and more access to the natural resources the universe provides, including the power of radical self-love.


I can tell you what this path has done for me:

  • Connected me to my BODY as earth, making it easier to live in flow with natural rhythms rather than forcing against the current
  • Allowed me to EMBRACE my human experience, to have the limitations, creativity, and miracles that come with living in this body
  • Knowing that being myself is enough, it's not about becoming anything else or anyone else, just becoming more FULLY ME
  • Making my own decisions and knowing they come from MY TRUTH not someone else's
  • Deeper knowing about what belongs to ME and what doesn't in any relationship, experience, or interaction
  • HEALING ancestral wounds and breaking family patterns
  • Having healthy boundaries while still having access to my medicine/gifts (in actuality, having MORE ACCESS TO MY GIFTS)
  • WHOLENESS, and the ability to stop taking so much responsibility for/control over others (which has felt like a weight lifted off of me)



Her connection to spirit is clear and sharp!

"I’ve been working with Marita the last few months. And she has been amazing. As a Healer myself I am really mindful who I work with. She goes straight to the core and really listens to you and what you are needing to journey through what is coming up. Her connection to spirit is clear and sharp! And the information she receives just floors me sometimes. It’s helped me become clearer, connect to my intuition and abilities with more trust and insight. But also the healing one receives is amazing. The clarity I have received and changes in my life have greatly assisted me and brought healing to my life. I am so grateful!" -Maritza Moreno

Deeply spirited, highly connected, beautiful ball of light

For anyone looking for guidance through their self discovering journey this is your woman! She is a deeply spirited, highly connected, beautiful ball of light just waiting to help you along your path. She tells it like it is, and expresses her true self in every word she speaks! Highly recommended for anyone looking for guidance along their spiritual journey - Michelle Tarawick

Her gift is not one to be locked up, she IS the real deal,

Marita is very cool, calm, collected and straight to the point! She has an innate gift of collective connection and willingness to share it for the highest good. I experienced a clearing from her that I told many people about and will continue to share my experiences. Her gift is not one to be locked up, she IS the real deal, from past lives & spirit guides to energy regarding physical, emotional and spiritual and inner child. I would recommend her every time! Thank YOU for your service! - Rissa Issa Marissa


I want you to imagine, to REMEMBER what it feels like when you take a risk without absolute certainty, you take action, you take a leap, and even through the first step you can feel yourself transforming...

It's not about what you know or don't know, it's about who you're ready to be.

Join us on the Path of IX, the path of radical self-love, the path to yourself. 

*Money will go to create permaculture garden to Raise Food and harvest Seeds for community donation and to restore native plant species in the Kau' district on the Big Island of Hawaii.


$250: Raised Bed and Seeds

$350: Restore Native Plant Species

$450: Soil (soil here is like gold! because we are on volcanic soil near foothills of Mauna Loa (the home of PELE) to plant we need soil!


4 WEEKS 90 MIN CLASSES + 2 x 90 MIN 1-1 : $500